You Can Become Happier, Content, and More Satisfied With Your Life In Only 40 Days Following Scientifically PROVEN and EASY Strategies!

Are you HAPPY?

I mean, are you THRIVING?  

There is an epidemic of depression and anxiety in the United States. 

And the level of anxiety, worry, stress, and uncertainty is through the roof for people of all ages.

This special, scientifically-based 40 day program is perfect for you if:

You have trouble moving forward in areas of your life,

Generally things are “OK” in your world, but you know that you can feel more alive, content, and joyful….and then pass those qualities on to others in your family and community

You have some emotional baggage that still holds you back

You are not satisfied with your job, career, or the activities you do most days of the week

You worry too much and have more stress than you prefer to experience

You know there is more to life, but are having trouble discovering what that “thing” is

You have been in and out of therapy for years, and while it helps, you know there is still something “missing” that can make you better emotionally and even physically
You have trouble balancing all the demands in your life, and feel like nothing gets “enough” attention – including YOU!
You tend to be a pessimist (wow, is this program for YOU!)
You are interested in personal growth, and want to find out anything that will help you accelerate your development in your career and life!

Did you know that happier people live longer? Yep, they do.

Did you know that happier people are healthier, so their longer years are more productive?

Did you know that happier people are more successful, by ALL measures of success?

Wouldn’t YOU like to be happier?

Over the years, I worked primarily with business owners, professionals, and leaders to help them reduce overwhelm and stress, and make advancements in their careers and their personal lives.

Along the way, I discovered a SECRET –

EVERYONE struggles with the SAME PROBLEMS!

“This was a scientifically based, very practical program which will have a lasting positive effect on my life.” David Schaumann, Attorney, Pennsylvania


Yep, it’s true!  Everyone - from executives at huge companies, down to work-at-home moms - fights against worry, dissatisfaction, frustration, and feeling like they have to “just deal with the way their lives are.”

I cannot treat your depression, anxiety, or other mental health issue. This program – in fact NO internet program – can achieve that goal. I urge you to consult with a licensed mental health counselor if you are struggling.

But I also know that you can learn the basics of how to be more satisfied, content, and HAPPY, in conjunction with your ongoing therapy (if needed).

So – you may be asking yourself, “What’s the deal with this program?
What am I going to learn?”


Good thing you asked! I’ll let you in on those details here:



This is a 40-day program.

Once a week, you will receive an email with a link to watch a video that lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. I’ll be teaching you the nitty-gritty of the components that make up happiness and life satisfaction.

Then I’ll give you some specific action items – think of them as experiments you will be doing during the week so that you will grow your overall level of happiness.

Each day I will send you a brief email with more details of the various activities, and even suggest NEW activities that have been shown to help people advance to higher levels of positive emotion.

Module 1: Being More Positive NOW!

The three steps to increase your focus and reduce distraction (because distraction only makes you feel entertained, it does NOT make you happy!)

The two steps to pursue gratitude on an ongoing basis, and to deepen and extend the gratitude you already experience

Learn the secret to control your thoughts AWAY from frustration, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness and instead direct them towards JOY, CONTENTMENT, and POSITIVITY

Do the action item that teaches you to SAVOR your life each and every day and be more ENGAGED with your activities, family, friends, community, and co-workers
Module 2: How To Be More OPTIMISTIC - Even For Die-Hard Pessimists!

Complete a self-assessment to find out just how optimistic or pessimistic you REALLY are – the results ALWAYS surprise everyone!

Learn the step-by-step process to increase optimism (because being optimistic is NOT just about being hopeful about the future – it’s more complex than you ever imagined, and you NEED to know about the ins and outs of optimism)

Learn a mental “trick” for arguing with yourself, making sure “YOU” come out the winner!

Take a self-assessment to find out how much you hold onto grudges….and how that interferes with your desire to be HAPPIER

Take self-assessments on your overall happiness level, and your level of gratitude.
Module 3: The Toughie - Amplifying Positive Emotions About the PAST!

Many people have legitimate issues in their past that were life-altering. This is an unfortunate, yet common, aspect of human life.

While we cannot change what happened to us in the past, there are certain perspectives you can learn that can help you see different aspects of your past that built you into the person you are today.

You may require psychotherapy to fully resolve your issues. Please pursue that avenue!

Section 2 - The Good Life - The AUTHENTIC YOU!

Module 4: Your Signature Strengths

Discover how unhappiness and dissatisfaction come from being DISCONNECTED

Find out exactly which activities you should be doing to maximize your life happiness

Take a special self-assessment to find out your scientifically-validated Top Five Signature Strengths

Understand why the people who spend more time in strength-related tasks LIVE LONGER and have healthier relationships

Flow – what it is, why you NEED to be in it, and how you can achieve it to change your life
Module 5: The Details of The GOOD LIFE!

Discover how to increase self-discipline and will-power!

The paradox of choice – discover why having so many choices in life makes us LESS happy, and what you can do about it to INCREASE satisfaction and contentment

Why the “worry about regret” mentality is paralyzing you and is preventing you from being your best
Section 3 - The PURPOSEFUL LIFE!

Module 6: Purpose and Meaning

How to find your life purpose – I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process I use with all my clients so they can find out their purpose in life. Yes, they really do! And you can, too!

The 9 specific, proven strategies you can take NOW to make sure that you “age well”

Positive parenting – how to pass more positivity on to your children

And finally – do THESE THINGS for the rest of your life to ensure that you are as happy as you can possibly be!

Feeding yourself with more positivity, learning the scientifically-proven habits of happy people will build up “psychological capital.”

Just like having an emergency fund of money in the bank, increasing your “psychological capital” will make it easier for you to cope when challenging times hit you.

This isn’t Pollyanna-ish. It’s not “pie-in-the-sky,” or living in a dream world.

These are real strategies that WORK, and that have worked not only for my clients, but for tens of thousands of people who have worked on these exact techniques.

It would be my great honor to partner with you as you seek to build your life satisfaction, and move to a more contented, fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful life.

Purchase for only $97. This information is far too important to keep out of reach for the average person.

OH! I almost forgot – you get BONUSES!

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“[After completing the program], I met with some friends….. As we were getting ready to leave, one of the women hugged me and said, "It's just so nice to see you smiling again! You were anxious and down, and I was beginning to worry about you. Glad to have you back!" All I can say is -- "ME TOO!!!" I feel like I've had a great big dose of perspective!” Anonymous participant
"Dr. Anita’s Pursuit of Happiness was much more powerful than the name suggests. Yes, happiness is the end product, but the process of getting there was a marvelous journey of self-examination. I gained some huge insights into my own life.”
Mark Till,