Welcome! I’m Anita.

I am entirely dedicated to YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS.

You may struggle with uncertainty:

You want MORE, you want BETTER, you want to be HAPPY.

I show you how to achieve those objectives, and I have been helping clients reach these goals for over 25 years.

You CAN do this, I promise.

My role is to give you exactly what you need to:

When you start pursuing your potential and developing yourself fully, your entire world improves – you have more quality time with your children and family, you have a greater sense of fulfillment, you advance towards the goals that are most important to you (maybe you want to grow your business, have better work-life balance, stick to a diet and exercise program, or simply have more enjoyment and contentment in life).

I have seen these transformations happen with both my therapy clients and with my coaching clients, since 1992. One person rising up and CHANGING has a huge ripple effect.

That’s what I want for YOU! When YOU rise up, you rise up countless others along with you.

This is why YOUR SUCCESS is my business….and the sole focus of Dr-Anita.com. There are thousands of resources that give you the specific actions and steps to grow different areas of your life. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on them myself, so I know this for a fact.

But none of these resources give you the most important thing of all – the scientifically-based and PROVEN skills and strategies to DO THEM! We all put barriers in our way – we feel overwhelmed at doing even “simple” things.

If you have ever wished you could have someone or something in your life that would help you get over the “head stuff” and your mental barriers – you’ve found it!

I give you the information you REALLY need to implement the changes you want.

Here are some ways my clients and program participants have described me:

It’s YOUR time. Together, let’s get you equipped with proven and trusted support, skills, information, and get emotions, stress, and overwhelm out of the way so you can have the life you really want!

And if you want my “official” biography, here it is:

Dr. Anita earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and then went on to earn her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the George Washington University.

As a Licensed Psychologist, she has extensive experience working with a wide range of people providing many types of services, including:

pic-anitaShe completed an internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Maryland Medical System in Health Psychology, and was eventually hired as Clinical Faculty at the school.

Dr. Anita’s adjunct teaching experience at Hood College and York College of Pennsylvania rounds out a wide breadth of professional experience.

While she no longer provides therapy services, the unique combination of her education, training, and background influences all of her work.

Her regular continuing education requirements ensure that Dr. Anita remains at the forefront of current research and the “best practices” for supporting change and growth in the people she serves. Her clients benefit from this fusion of perspective.

Personally, Dr. Anita has transformed her life from the one she had always thought she wanted it to be, into the one she ACTUALLY wants it to be. In addition to her professional work now, she is happily married (since 1991), and she homeschools her two boys.

She has traveled to India, various countries in Europe and the United Kingdom, and Mexico. She and her family schedule “adventurous” vacations of hiking in the southwest USA, as well as restorative trips to the beach at least once a year. When they are not traveling, they are dreaming of where they will venture in the future.

Her hobbies include constant training and research to improve her skills, exercise, reading history, autobiographies, fiction (suspense), and Harry Potter.


Anita has helped advance the career and income objectives of her clients from a wide range of industries and companies, including:

Chrysler Corporation

Leidos, Inc


University of Maryland, Baltimore

University of Chicago

Attorneys in various law firms on the east coast

Veteran’s Administration hospitals

Physicians in private practices in the mid-Atlantic

Consultants, directors, leaders within the multi-level marketing industry

and more corporations, small businesses, and universities across the United States.

Her clients’ results include:

Email: anita@dr-anita.com

Phone: 717.779.2627

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