It’s time to take CONTROL!

But if you have some big dreams – dreams that, if they came true, would change your life for a very long time – then you MUST make the time to watch this video. We give away our control far too easily. And we do it at the expense of our futures. It’s time to STOP...

Stop relying so much on EXPERTS!

I know this will sound strange coming from an “expert.” But I want you to stop relying so heavily on “experts.” In this video, I explain why experts may know a lot of information, but that information might not be what YOU need in your specific circumstance. Luckily,...

One strategy to maximize your influence

In my work with business owners, leaders, and professionals, one of the first things we work on to increase their level of influence in their environment is their communication style. People tend to *think* they communicate well, when in fact they are not truly...
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