Are we more depressed than ever before?

More people are talking about depression this week, and that’s GREAT! Just about everyone can relate to having felt truly depressed at one time or another (not just “down” but really depressed). But what can we DO about it? Ask me anything you want – it’s not therapy, but just some information about depression and […]

My $30,000 Mistake

Whew! I got my first Blab under my belt! Here is the recording if you want to know more about how I managed to lose $30,000 in a business project. It’s not pretty, but you can learn from my mistakes! If you have any questions or comments, email me with them. I also think […]

Why You Can’t Find Good Employees- Tips How To

Finding good employees who care about your business as much as you do is hard to do. This video discusses why and some things you can do to help you maximize you success at finding the right match for your business.