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Contact Information for PR Representative:

Diane Lefrandt


3D PR Group | Salt Lake City, UT | 801.357.9159

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Some of the Media Quoted In:


“Research has shown that gratitude protects us from depression and anxiety,” explains Anita Marchesani, Ph.D.?Executive Coach & Licensed Psychologist. “In the face of adversity, people who express more gratitude are better able?to cope with the stress of major life events. Just as importantly, gratitude ?is closely associated with overall life happiness. And happier people live ?longer, have more satisfying lives, and even perform better in their careers? than less happy people. It can all begin with the practice of gratitude.”


Licensed psychologist Dr. Anita Marchesani says that all of her clients arrive stressed out — and she’s ready to help them overcome it.
“The first thing we do is figure out what needs to go from their lives or businesses,” she explains. “This means saying ‘no’ or ‘not right now’ to certain demands that do not align with their primary objectives, no matter what they are. Good, solid, and consistent boundaries are a foundational stress management tool. It increases focus, and therefore increases productivity. People get results when they do this… although no one ‘likes’ to do this.”

Establish great boundaries around your time so that you protect time with your children, time with your husband, and time to grow your business. Great boundaries around your time helps to prevent the tendency to worry about your biz when you are with your kids, or worry about your kids when you should be concentrating on your biz. – Anita Marchesani, Ph.D., Dr Anita


“Stress is also a major problem.  “They usually face tremendous stress in the workplace–they may be required to work long hours, deal with very difficult people who make it harder to do their own jobs, and in economically tight times, they usually have to do more than required,” says licensed psychologist who works as an executive coach Dr. Anita Marchesani.

And stress can have long-ranging effects. “Prolonged, unmanaged/ignored stress leads to depression. This is the most common mental health problem in professionals and business owners,” says Dr. Marchesani.

Anxiety is also a problem. “Panic attacks can happen, but people feel ashamed about this, so they are reluctant to admit it,” explains Dr. Marchesani. “Because professionals are so dedicated to their field, they often dismiss or ignore the build-up of symptoms.””


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