Do you want to know God's purpose for your life?

Would you like to confidently know the purpose for which God has you here for such a time as this?

I have helped my Christian leadership coaching clients do just that since 2002!

And now I’m bringing this step-by-step,
EASY process to YOU.

"I use the purpose statement you helped me to develop as I make daily decisions in business and in life. Does the decision I'm making line up with my vision? This has helped me move forward in a more focused direction."

Client, C.T.

You may know that God has a plan for you, a purpose that He wants you to live out in obedience to His will. Or perhaps you understand this concept intellectually, but part of you still doubts whether God really cares that much about YOU to have a specific plan.

In either case, this program is for YOU. Since God DOES have a purpose that He installed in your heart and soul when He created you, it makes sense that He would give you hints or indications of what that purpose is.

We do not serve a God who teases us. He would not give us a purpose, and then not provide any means of knowing what that purpose is.

The truth is that He has been communicating His plans for you during your entire life. But like the rest of us, you have been so busy, distracted, or simply did not know how He works… you have been aware of His promptings.

Luckily, you can EASILY change that right now.

I say “easily” because it IS easy. You simply have to learn to pay attention to things you probably either take for granted, or you believe are unimportant.

“Oh, gosh, it was hard to get started for some reason, but I am SO GLAD I did these exercises (thank you for your patience with me!!!). I feel grounded and far more sure of my life and the decisions that I make. And when I tell other people my purpose statement, they seem to have immediate respect for me, even when I meet them for the first time. This is invaluable.”

~ Client, W.R.

Over a seven-day period, you will learn EXACTLY what to pay attention to as you go through your normal everyday life, and why it is important.

I will teach you easy, specific, step-by-step activities that will reveal what God has been trying to convey to you since you were a young child.

Once you gather this information, I will teach you how to pull it all together into one or two sentences.

You will then have God’s purpose for your life in a clear, concise form!

Just think how wonderful it will be when you truly understand how God has equipped you to move inside His will for your life!

Knowing this information will help you make decisions – both big and small – about opportunities that present themselves.

Knowing this information will help you make decisions
both big and small – about opportunities that present themselves.

Should you quit your job and join a full-time ministry?

Should you start that new business?

Should you home-school your children?

Should you volunteer for the children’s ministry on Sunday mornings?

Should you change careers?

And more!

When you have no standard against which to measure whether an opportunity is right or not, you are simply taking a shot in the dark. Not knowing God’s purpose for you makes you vulnerable to making decisions outside of His will.

Do not wait! Once you register, you will get immediate access to this video-based program, along with a companion workbook. You can start right away, so sign up now!

Yes, I want to know God’s purpose!

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