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Did you ever make a small, but important, change in your life, but it didn’t “stick?”

Maybe you lost some weight, but then found that all your friends want you to go out to eat fatty, greasy, sugary foods “just one time.” Maybe they even say things like, “Oh, it won’t hurt you to have this cake just this once,” or they chide your new way of eating: “Guess you don’t eat meat like the rest of us now, do you?”

Did you ever pay off a credit card in an attempt to get control of your financial debt, then realize that the brand-new iPhone version is coming out….and it so happens that your current phone is starting to break down? So maybe you “need” that new phone, no matter the debt you will incur buying it at the very point when you have gotten RID of that debt?

Did you ever make progress in your business – perhaps you made more money this month, or found new team members, or achieved a milestone – only to find yourself somehow back where you started only a few months later?

You want to be better. You want to be healthier, more financially secure, advance towards some important goal that will change your life for the better….

In short, you want to be HAPPIER. And you know if you could just achieve – and KEEP – some really crucial changes in your life, lots of things will improve.

Success Does Not Guarantee CONTINUED Success

I work with a wide array of clients as a psychologist and an executive coach. I know how hard it is to change because my clients hire me to help them do just that.

Just like you, they want their circumstances to improve. Imagine if you just lost those 20 pounds (and KEPT them off), or earned $500 more a month (and SUSTAINED the increase), or paid down your debt (and stopped ADDING to the debt), or changed your life to have less stress and less overwhelm (and REMAINED in that more peaceful place), or developed a more contented and satisfying life, or healed your emotional hurts….how would life be different?

If you are like most people, in the past you have worked to make changes in a particular area. Maybe you set a goal to improve your nutrition or to have a regular exercise habit, or to get your finances in order.

Here’s what is bizarre – you probably had some level of SUCCESS at your efforts! You probably lost a few pounds, saved a few bucks, or exercised several times and felt great.

But for some reason…..you can’t actually CHANGE.

You can have a little bit of achievement so you know your efforts WORK, but they do not seem to last beyond 3, 4, or maybe 6 weeks.

Why is that? How is it that we can want something so badly – we might even NEED something terribly  – and we can have a taste of achievement. Yet we slide so easily back into our old ways of being?

In this blog series, I hope to educate you on the very powerful, yet subtle (and even HIDDEN) social forces that are pressing down on you every single day, making it extremely hard to grow, increase, and be happier.

The Enemy’s Gravitational Pull: You Do Not Even KNOW About This!

Well, I guess sometimes you are aware of some pressures. For the most part though, I can guarantee that this will be new information for you.

But once you have this new information in hand, you can develop strategies to overcome these forces.

These forces have such power against us that I have come to call them “enemies.” It may sound dramatic, but once you start to delve into understanding how much out there is actively working AGAINST your best efforts to change, you will call them enemies too!

These enemies have the equivalent of a gravitational force to them. They exert downward pressure on you as you try to move forward and upward.

Just like a pilot needs to understand the intricacies of gravity before he or she can overcome them with flight, you need to understand not only the improvements you want to make in your life, but also those “gravitational pulls” that operate in direct opposition to you.

It’s worth the effort to change, I promise!

Your hard work will to lead a happier, more fulfilling, and satisfying life that will have real-life consequences that can change the trajectory of your family’s life for generations to come.

It’s not just a matter of being happier, healthier, and more emotionally whole because you will “feel better.” That will happen.

But more than that, you will unleash the energy that you currently waste without even knowing it.

Imagine if you have MORE energy to pursue your goals, reduce stress, overcome discouragement, pay down debt – no matter your specific goals, think about having more energy to achieve them.

The reality is that right now, you spend so much time and attention working against enemies, and you don’t even know you are in the fight!

Learn How to Engage In the Fight Against Your Success

That stops NOW! You will find out the nitty gritty of what is really holding you back.

Over the next four weeks, I’m going to describe in depth the MOST POWERFUL SOCIAL FORCE working against you that you don’t even know about.

In fact, I’ll let you in on some breaking news by telling you what that force is right now:


Yep. But not what you normally think of when you think of your “environment.” Oh no, it’s far deeper and more complicated than you realize.

The Bible tells about how Jesus healed a blind man. Here was a man, blind from birth, who could miraculously SEE because of the power of Jesus.

This is something to be celebrated and praised….but think about how this probably played out.

For his whole life, this man created an environment around him based on his blindness. His parents no doubt did a lot of things for him that he probably could not do for himself.

All the relationships he had with people revolved around his blindness – how people thought of him, what they believed he could do, what they did for him because he could not do certain things.

EVERYTHING in his whole environment would have been created around his blindness.

Then in ONE MOMENT he can see for the first time! Imagine – he has been healed, he has transformed. But his environment has NOT changed one bit.

The next morning, he would have woken up probably not knowing what to do. His life improvement would have demanded that he re-learn how to do things.

And it also meant that the people and organizations around him would have to change their impression of him, and possibly even support him learning how to do things for himself.

Life improvement – the change that comes when we concentrate on something to make it happen – will elevate you to a new level, to a new place.

That new place means new experiences, new relationships, new activities, and new ways of thinking.

In short, a new environment! This is because our current environment can only support our current circumstances. It cannot properly support improvement, increase, and CHANGE in our lives.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll dive deep into each aspect of your environment so you will be EQUIPPED to fight against it.

I want to make sure that the next time you push forward to do something meaningful, you have the full knowledge of the subtle, yet strong, forces coming against you.

The world is waiting for you to embrace your pursuit of happiness so you can bring the best of who you are to everything you do.

To win the fight against discouragement, depression, anxiety, stress, helplessness, and mediocrity, we need to first know the seriousness of what we work against.

If you want, you can download a free report here where I outline it all for you.

Make sure to catch up with me on my Facebook page, where I do Facebook Live broadcasts to elaborate on everything in this blog. You can ask me questions in real time and I’ll answer them.

I also am on Periscope, so check me out there.

I’ll see you on Facebook, Periscope, and even Instagram for more information this week about why you can’t change.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this blog series!

To YOUR Happiness,

Dr. Anita


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