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Pic Sherri Dietz

Sherri Dietz, Wellness Massage Works, LLC

“Anita Marchesani never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and foresight she brings to myself and other business owners. I like how she is able to address our fears and help us push forward. After leaving this mastermind, I was recharged and focused with better tools in my toolbox. Getting input from other business owners that have faced the same road blocks was very powerful. Thanks, Dr. Anita!”
Pic Natalie Flick, Adsage Advertising, LLC

Natalie Flick, Adsage Advertising, LLC

“As a sole proprietor of a local advertising agency, I have worked with Dr. Anita in several different areas that have hampered me in my business and personal growth, and am happy to be working with her again to help shape the future of my business and personal life. I can and do strongly recommend Dr. Anita as a personal coach, business coach and willing resource if you find yourself stuck or expecting different results when you continue to follow the same patterns. She has the great ability to see through the bull and know what will really help and make you love what you do all over again. If you need guidance to understand what is stopping you from being your best, then I would suggest you call her today!”

Ever feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Discouraged?

In this audio program, I reveal specific psychological secrets to work your business and life when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, don’t have enough support from your family, and have too much “other stuff” to do.  Learn more…

Ever need a BREAKTHROUGH for your business?

In this 5-hour video program, The Business Breakthrough Remedy, I teach you the exact techniques to get your business moving when you need a booster or jump start. Perfect for when you have started making a little money, but you feel stuck and want to make MORE! Learn more…

Ever want the BIG future of your dreams?

In this 6-week program, The Freedom Prescription, I lead you through specific steps for achieving your biggest goals for your life and business! This is the program for YOU if you know you want more lifestyle freedom, and are ready to make it happen this year! Learn more…

Dr. Anita Show Live!

Twice a week, learn directly from ME as I tackle your biggest obstacles. You can even ask me your questions LIVE! Learn more…

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Cyndi Coakley, Mary Kay Independent Sales Director

“Being a part of a mastermind group with Dr Anita’s structure, preparation and direction truly gave me powerful insights during our time together. Having an expert lead you through the mastermind session allows participants to dig deeper and have clear objections for the time you spend together.”

Amy Herwig, Party Belles

“Today I attended Anita’s Business Breakthrough Remedy Seminar, her personability and ability to relate to every bodies issues was just fascinating to watch. There were plenty of moments that she completely captivated me. I really enjoyed myself. I can’t believe I sat hear for three hours, I never sit anywhere for three hours.”
Anita Marchesani, Ph.D

Anita Marchesani, Ph.D

Licensed Psychologist & Executive Coach

Learn More About Dr. Anita

She works in a home-based office with clients ranging from executives in multi-billion dollar corporations, to pastors of churches, to owners of small businesses, including professionals in the direct sales/network marketing industry. Dr. Anita is dedicated to filling this significant gap in training and business building. She knows that most people end up feeling dejected, embarrassed because they can’t do these “simple” things, and start to believe they can’t ever achieve what they desperately want in life. Learn more…

Gloria Bostic, Author

“This was a fantastic experience. I came here hoping to get some momentum to get myself moving forward in my business because I have been really stuck. Within the first 20 minutes I knew I was in the right place. I unlearned some things and took lots of notes. I am excited about re-reading them and implementing things to move my business forward. I think everyone starting a new business should work with Anita for a while.”

Lia Allen, Business Marketing Gym

“I cannot say enough about Anita Marchesani and her Business Breakthrough Remedy program. Before going to her program I was stuck, I felt like a hamster on a wheel. I was busy spinning my wheels and going nowhere. I mistook activity with productivity. Then I took the time to go to this program. It totally helped me reframe my thinking. I am now stepping outside of my comfort zone, embracing structure or the benefits of it, creating not only a to do list but a stop doing list to eliminate distractions. These are just a few of the many benefits and tools I gleaned from this program. What has this done for me? Well now that I have a clear vision and I find myself on a mission. I went from one person on my team to 40 on my team. And I am learning to not only manage the process but enjoy it. Saying that Anita Marchesani and the Business Breakthrough Remedy Program changed my life would be an understatement. She is the real deal, gives great content.”
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Ask your questions and find solutions to your business and life challenges.

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“I was fortunate to attend the live seminar version of the Business Breakthrough Remedy and the Live Webinar event and I have to say I am glad that I took a second bite at the proverbial apple. They were both excellent. The live webinar was so much better. She really refined her material. The content was so thorough but presented in such a way that it was easy digestible. I was able to take the material I learned and apply it instantly to my business and within the first two weeks I saw noticeable results. I can’t recommend this program highly enough.”
Maria Elena Escobar

Author, Coach, Speaker, Together We Empower You

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“Every morning at 4:50am when my alarm clock goes off I smile and thank God for our time because you gave me the tools that I needed to be me, live a happier life and be true to myself. Thank you again for all the time you poured into me! You took me on as a life coach client and you changed my life! You have this gift of helping others make the most of their lives and I’m so glad you are doing this!”
Haley Schaffer

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