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Hi, I’m Dr. Anita Marchesani, licensed clinical psychologist, executive leadership coach, life coach, and author.

I have over 30 years of experience primarily working with leaders, business owners, and professionals,  helping them reduce stress and overwhelm, and achieve the goals and objectives they have for their businesses and lives.

If you are struggling with life issues, including anxiety and depression, I can help.

Do you need a trusted advisor to help you navigate the difficult and tremulous waters ahead?

Are you seeking practical solutions to achieve success, advancement, and growth?

Dr. Anita Marchesanis services are available individually (nationwide via video conferencing or phone) and through workshops, retreats, and conferences.

I help a wide range of clients OVERCOME obstacles and ACHIEVE important objectives, using my unique background, education, and training to elevate my clients to higher levels of life satisfaction and excellence.

We all have things that hinder us and hold us back. A broken leg will make you limp and will limit how far you can walk. In the same way, internal issues and struggles limit our success in our careers, families, and relationships.

It’s time to OVERCOME those barriers and ACHIEVE the fuller levels of performance and emotional health that you crave!

—Dr. Anita

Dr. Anitas clients say:

“This is the best money I’ve ever spent!”

“Had a significant impact on me.”

“Trustworthy, real, totally focused on ME.”

“Insightful, resourceful, inspiring.”

“Knows how to help me make money by getting over my ‘stuff.’”


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Your Success Truly Is My Business!

Feedback From Clients

I wanted to share with you my sincerest appreciation for the time we had worked together. Whether you know it or not, you were instrumental in empowering me to come up with a major life choice, and for the better. It is clear to me that our three to four months of work provided a shift in the way I think, which has prepared me for the life I have yet to come.

You helped create a very safe space, and your sensitivity is a strength. You stayed on purpose, held the focus, and shifted as necessary. I already feel the effects of my decision. I breathe deeper, my energy is slowly returning, and I am finally on the right path. Thank you for your time, support, advice, and coaching.

—AMB, Realtor®

Although I have just recently met Anita, it is obvious she has high energy and a variety of great skills in several different areas. Her current passion is coaching Work at Home Moms (she refers to them as WAHMs), and this is something that she is putting a great deal of time in at this point. I absolutely think she is a great asset in this field as well as any others she chooses to put her skills and energy in.

—Tim Law, Coach


Dr. Anita Marchesani is the epitome of professionalism and enthusiasm. Her education and experience has augmented every HACC Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies activity she has been involved with,  from Keynote Speaker for our annual Women on the Move Conference to her facilitating conversation on business ownership, time management and social media at our monthly networking Talkabout events. She is approachable and spirited in sharing her expertise on a variety of subjects. Her ability to inspire not only  WAHMs but also all entrepreneurs towards excellence is refreshing!

—Lisa J. Steffen, Entrepreneur



No one escapes this life without heartbreak, emotional pain, and suffering. God promises to heal your wounded, scarred, broken, and shattered heart.

Counseling, therapy, and even medications have limits on the depth of healing they can provide. Sometimes only a direct, intimate, specific, supernatural word from the Sovereign Creator of the universe can heal an emotional wound.

We have a role and responsibility in our healing relationship with Jesus. God cannot heal us without our active participation, beyond even prayer. We must place ourselves in the proper spiritual and emotional position to receive God’s healing word into our hearts. That position is Biblical stillness.

When God commands us to “Be still,” He is serious. God wants us to be still according to His definition of stillness. “Being still” does not come naturally, but we can learn specific strategies and techniques to move into still space. From that posture, we can receive the gravitas of His word that heals us immediately.