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Do you need a trusted advisor to help you navigate the difficult and tremulous waters ahead?

Do you want to success, advancement, growth and achieved with practical solutions?

Whether it is your business, your career, or your life, you know how dramatically things have changed…and how much you need extra support to build towards your preferred future.
I cannot say I know all the answers – I do not, nor do I always believe there is a “right answer.”
But I do have over 30 years of experience as a licensed psychologist and an executive leadership coach, with a track record of helping people achieve the goals and objectives they have for important areas of their lives.
My clients receive realistic, trustworthy strategies and support that other coaches and therapists don’t offer their clients. I can probably help you, too!
Your success truly is my business!

I offer services individually (nationwide via video conferencing or phone), and through workshops, retreats, and conferences.

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Business owner, leader, or professional?

You know the saying, “It’s lonely at the top.” Does that resonate with you?

Do you ever feel stressed, or even overwhelmed, at all the things you juggle? Maybe you even “shut down” and avoid those things?

Are you so caught up in the day-to-day management of your business that you do not have time to LEAD your business?
Do you even know what it means to lead your business?
Does anyone REALLY understand – or care about – what you go through on a daily basis?
Do you have a trusted advisor, someone whose only agenda is in YOUR best interest?

Do you want to grow, but don’t know HOW?

Given the unique challenges of modern business, it is more essential than ever to have trusted, reliable, and realistic support. Stagnation, business failure, and burnout are skyrocketing.
You want to protect yourself and your organization to the best of your ability.

Pursue EXCELLENCE from this moment forward.

Need more emotional support in life?

Are you overwhelmed?
Do you experience times of struggle?
Are you in the midst of a challenge, and need help, support, or advice?
Do you have so much going on that you don’t know how to balance the competing demands in your world?
Are you trying to reach important goals in your life, but need support?
Maybe you are pursing a degree, advanced career training, want to stick to an exercise or food program, or stay organized?
Given the unique challenges that we face as a society, I feel very motivated to STRONGLY encourage you to pursue HEALING and RESOLUTION of the issues with which you grapple.
If you are a parent, please know that your children face pressures and choices that you never imagined. And you need to be strong to help them resist forces that affirm or blatantly push unhealthy ideas and behaviors.
While I have a decidedly Christian lens through which I see the world and mental health issues, I work with people of all religious backgrounds (or no religious backgrounds).
(DISCLAIMER: This is NOT therapy nor licensed mental health intervention.)

Feedback from Clients

I wanted to share with you my sincerest appreciation for the time we had worked together. Whether you know it or not, you were instrumental in empowering me to come up with a major life choice, and for the better. It is clear to me that our three - four months of work provided a shift in the way I think, which has prepared me for the life I have yet to come. You helped create a very safe space, and your sensitivity is a strength...You stayed on purpose, held the focus and shifted as necessary. I already feel the effects of my decision. I breathe deeper, my energy is slowly returning; I am finally on the right path. Thank you for your time, support, advice and coaching.
Ann Marie Bolen
Although I have just recently met Anita, it is obvious she has high energy and a variety of great skills in several different areas. Her current passion is coaching Work at Home Moms (she refers to them as WAHM's) and this is something that she is putting a great deal of time in at this point. I absolutely think she is a great asset in this field as well as any others she chooses to put her skills and energy in.
Tim Law
Anita Marchesanis is the epitome of professionalism and enthusiasm. Her education and experience has augmented every HACC Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies activity she has been involved with: from Keynote Speaker for our annual Women on the Move Conference to her facilitating conversation on business ownership, time management and social media at our monthly networking Talkabout events. She is approachable and spirited in sharing her expertise on a variety of subjects. Her ability to inspire not only WHAMS but all entrepreneurs towards excellence is refreshing!
Lisa J. Steffen


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